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Vote For Taylor Williamson on America’s Got Talent!

Vote For Taylor Williamson

on America’s Got Talent!


Taylor Williamson Caricature

The whole Teran Clan is very excited for our friend, Taylor Williamson, making the Top 12 on “America’s Got Talent.” We’ve been long-time supporters of Taylor’s comedy. My daughter, Melissa, met Taylor when he used to live in NYC, years ago. At the time, she was running her comedy show at Pianos and was always happy to book him. My wife and I often went to Melissa’s shows and remember Taylor being such a sweet kid. Taylor is living back in California, these days. Since AGT is being filmed at Radio City Music Hall, it’s brought Taylor back east. A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to have Taylor over for a quick, 45 minute visit before he was off again. That young man is working so hard! We really appreciated the fact that he came over to visit us, even though, he probably could’ve used that 45 minute break to take a much needed and deserved nap!


We surprised Taylor with a celebratory ice cream cake (his favorite), for making it into the Semi-Finals. During our visit with Taylor, he was able to meet Melissa’s daughter, Isabel, for the first time! Isabel was a bit shy at first, but was very excited and happy to share her Knock-Knock joke book with Taylor. He read one of the jokes from the book to Isabel, “do you know the difference between a candy bar and a rotten apple? …No. Good. Then, you eat the apple.” He thought for a minute before saying, “I don’t get it.” Melissa helped out by repeating the punchline, “Good! Then, YOU eat the apple.” Taylor thoughtfully said, “oh!” and giggled. Melissa added, “it’s all in the delivery!”  Taylor agreed and said, “it really is!” and we all broke out into laughter. Before he left, I promised him that I would do his caricature- which he was pretty excited about!


Later that night, Taylor headlined at Bananas  Comedy Club in New Jersey. My wife, Karen, and I caught his act, that evening. It was truly wonderful to see him, again. It was also fantastic to see all the fans that are coming out to see him perform, now, too.  There was a long line to take pictures with Taylor after all 3 shows he headlined, that weekend. He was very tired, but took the time to meet and greet his eager fans. We are so proud of him and wish him continued success!


Please help me vote for Taylor to make it into the FINALS, this Tuesday night! Watch America’s Got Talent for a special phone number that you can call up to ten times (after 11pm in your time zone). You can also visit to vote an ADDITIONAL ten times, per email address. Don’t forget to take to your twitter account, and tweet, “#voteagt Taylor Williamson” after 11pm.  Thanks!!




Taylor and the Terans

Taylor and the Terans


Knock Knock Jokes

Isabel shares her joke book with Taylor Williamson.


Taylor's Birthday Cake

Taylor’s favorite – Ice Cream Cake!


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