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Nick Kroll Caricature

Nick Kroll

Comedian Nick Kroll

Kroll Show

As previously mentioned, my daughter used to run a comedy show in NYC.  Nick Kroll is yet another famously talented comedian that my wife and I had the good fortune of seeing perform live many times (Melissa had us pretty spoiled!). Nick Kroll was absolutely one of our favorites! I’ll never forget the one night that he performed a Spanish character- speaking entirely in Spanish! Before the joke was even over, the crowd was breaking out in applause. As a native Spanish-speaker, I was incredibly impressed!  Very, very funny and very smart too! Could never get enough of Nick Kroll. These days, we get to watch Nick on his own show, Kroll Show, on Comedy Central.  If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to set your DVR!

I had so much fun drawing Nick Kroll because of his BIG personality. He is so animated and has a huge inventory of characters. I wanted to draw them all, but I really couldn’t decide. I chose to start with Nick, as himself. I’d love to eventually do some of his other characters too.


I recently found this fun site called I will be posting future works on there, as well. You will be able to view my works-in-progress (WIP),  beginning with this Nick Kroll caricature.


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