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Gift Caricatures for CEO Roast and Enterainment

Gift Caricatures for CEO Roast

Gift Caricatures

CEO Competitive Weight Lifter


Gift Caricatures

CEO Inventor


Gift Caricatures

CEO Hoarder

I created these three Gift Caricatures for CoynePR in Parsippany, NJ for their client’s Roast. The three CEO’s had very distinct personalities and one was actually behind the creation of a packaging wrap with bubbles in it! The one Gift Caricature with a cluttered office is because he is known as a hoarder. It was easy to draw that illustration because I just drew my own art studio… not that I hoard… I… ummm…  collect!

Of course the best part is getting an email like this after delivering the art…

“Hey Patrick,

These are incredible! I will ABSOLUTELY recommend you for any suitable PR campaigns! You’ve been such a great help!!”

Thanks so much,

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